What is your favorite linux distribution? (again)

@Linux So what is your favorite linux distribution? On the server side I take #Debian and for the rest I love to use #ArchLinux

(sorry for reposting, I'm learning to deal with the right permissions)
Yeah, 64bit of course. The desktops I use ar #e17 and #KDE
#e17 #kde
#ArchLinux is nice. It has some glitches with the rolling release idea which gives you the newest version of your software but sometimes it breaks important software. Despite that I like it and uses it in my office for some business critical applications like accounting software.
For servers, I like Debian.

On the desktop, on balance, I prefer Debian.

For notebooks, Debian is usually the best.

For proxies, I tend to go with Debian.

For DNS servers, Debian tends to win.

For family and friends you have to offer tech support for, I go with Debian.

For media centres, I go with Debian.

For routers, Debian is the best choice.

For mail servers, I tend to like Debian.