Tim Schlotfeldt
Tomi T Ahonen can't believe what #Elop is doing with #Nokia. Especially what he is not doing with the #N950:

If this is not evidence of a lunatic in charge of Nokia, nothing is. You have the sister phone to the most desirable phone on the planet - a phone on the operating system that is often called better than the iPhone - and you ARE manufacturing it (in small numbers) but refuse to sell it? I have heard people saying they'd pay 1,000 Euros for an N950. I don't mean to price it there, but if the iPhone 4S unsubsidised price is 650 US dollars (ie the real price, when you don't include the AT&T contract for 2 years haha) then the N950 could easily be sold for 700 dollars - thats 550 Euros boys and girls - and it would still be hideosly profitable. The average price of the heavily discounted Lumias are now 220 Euros.


This is the perfect 'no-brainer'. The N950 is the single most profitable Nokia phone right now, when Nokia is desperately in need of profits, as its smartphone unit is now producing its 4th consecutive quarter of an operating loss. And there is no comparable iPhone to compete against it! (at least not yet). And there is no comparable Lumia phone in the four units Nokia has announced! So the N950 is pure gravy, there is no conceivable down-side to rushing it to mass-production now!

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